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EDI Invoicing and AP Automation Solution 

In this global business-oriented age, converting your important and valuable data into XML format is a unique requirement in any business establishment. Hubbroker ApS captures and transforms all computer-generated PDF files and converts them into XML format into your ERP system. HubBroker offers services including invoice processing software, AP automation software (accounts payable automation software), purchase order automation software and sales order automation software. Since no human interaction is there in the process, our accounts payable automation solution saves your time, money, and effort.

Our platform is user-friendly and easy to export PDF to XML file. PDF2XML conversion is unique, incredible, easy-to-use and offers 100 % accurate results.

How Does the Invoice Processing Software Work?

PDF2XML file converter – iPaaS tool has become popular amongst our clientele. PDF to XML transformation is now easy in the European countries. Our iPaaS includes the service to enable emailed pdf files to be converted into electronic files/data automatically. We eliminate manual entry and allow you to focus on your business.

HubBroker ApS works by capturing and transforming computer generated PDF files sent by customers or suppliers in their own unique formats directly into your ERP system. By reducing human intervention, our platform saves both time and money.

Our platform is user-friendly and easy to export PDF to XML file. PDF2XML conversion gives incredible and accurate results with 100% capture accuracy. Delivering instant ROI, iPaaS enables you to do more with less by processing more orders from PDF2EDI in less time without increasing staff.

Invoice Automation Software Features:

  • Our PDF2XML transformation solution is unique and easy-to-use.
  • We have a technology to convert data-generated PDF files to electronic data exchange in formats such as EDIFACT, XML, OIOXML, OIOUBL, EHF, SWEFAK, PEPPOL BIS and others
  • Processed invoices and orders are mapped and validated by HubBroker, before being delivered automatically into any processing application that accepts an e-document structure (e.g. XML, EDI, CSV etc)
  • HubBroker has developed its own technology to read the document text directly from the PDF without the use of OCR scanning – which guarantees 100% quality in data capture.

How Our PDF2XML/EDI System Works?


High Adoption Electronic Invoicing

Suppliers like our approach as it’s non-intrusive: they don’t have to change their systems or processes. Buyers like our services because of the results: more paper removed in a shorter time frame than any other e-invoicing approach.

Automating Sales Order Processing

As our approach is non-intrusive, suppliers like it. They don’t have to change their systems or processes. Whereas, buyers prefer our services than any other invoicing approach as we remove paper in a shorter time frame.


What are the Benefits?

For the Supplier

    –  We don’t ask your suppliers to change their systems to send EDI or XML.
    –  We don’t ask your suppliers to log onto a portal to submit their invoices or orders.
    –  We don’t charge an organisation to send their invoices or orders to you.

For the Buyer

    –  >90% of suppliers when asked will send PDF invoices.
    –  Typically suppliers will be onboard by their next invoice
    –  Quicker processing with fewer errors = happy suppliers

Invoice/Order Automation Process

From invoice capture to invoice matching, our automation software seamlessly functions to ensure that your invoicing records are 100% accurate and constantly updated.

  • Receive invoices/orders via email

  • Extract information with 100% accuracy

  • Apply business rules & lookups 

  • Create invoices/orders in your system

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