About HubBroker

HubBroker is a Cloud Service Broker, which offers integration solutions for B2B and B2G.

HubBroker was started in 2012 by Jens Toke Lausen, and currently has offices in Denmark and India.

Jens Toke has more than 20 years of experience in EDI and data integration.

HubBroker’s core business is our cloud integration platform, offered to our customers as a cloud service (iPaaS).

HubBroker’s solutions means no investment or hardware and software installation.

We have developed a broad portfolio of integration apps for the exchange of electronic data, files, and documents in B2B and BTG trade. Similarly, we develop ongoing custom solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs and existing processes.

HubBroker was originally out of ambition to enable small and medium-sized businesses to have electronic commerce with larger companies, so that stronger cooperation and community can be achieved, benefiting the company’s top and bottom line.

Today, HubBroker serves all sizes of companies across all types of industries with our flexible, efficient, reliable, and scalable EDI solutions for exchanging documents and business critical data, between business partners.

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