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We pioneer and deliver brilliantly simple EDI solutions. Our solutions connect businesses, increase efficiency and drive value in the supply chain. We provide reliable and easily adaptable processes to fit your needs now and as your business grows.
Our affordable EDI is flexible and easy to use. Whether you are looking for your first EDI solution, or thinking about replacing an existing system, HubBroker will provide a solution that can expand as your business grows. .


About Us

HubBroker is more than just about EDI, iPaaS, API integration, or other integration services. Instead we are about bringing in the finest elements of these traditional integration technologies into a unified platform, so organizations can connect and transact business across their entire work ecosystem with 100% confidence.

Where we're headed and why

Our Vision is to provide data integration easier, faster and cheaper, becoming an integration utility. Our aim is to provide an easy-to-use, global B2B integration, making EDI accessible and understandable to a wider consumer audience and channel partner network.



It is our mission to provide easy-to-use global B2B integration, enabling our customers to exploit the full potential of their trading relationships.

​​We are here to enable our customers to optimise their supply chain through our cloud-based solutions and managed services. ​

​Therefore, we commit to investing in our people and providing outstanding customer experiences.

We will build on our company values and ethos, creating great user-centric products and services, backed up with  years of consistent and impactful customer support.

Our goal is to make EDI simplified.

This isn’t simplifying the technicalities of EDI, but how it is delivered and presented to our customers and partners.

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