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In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying competitive requires cutting-edge technology. HubBroker's intelligent iPaaS platform and ready-to-use integrations for industry-standard applications make your business future-ready. Get up and running quickly, respond rapidly to changing customer demands, and outpace competitors in delivering to market.
With HubBroker's time-proven, low-code integration capabilities and end-to-end process automation, businesses worldwide have broken down organizational silos and achieved up to 3x productivity growth effortlessly. Begin your digital transformation journey today with HubBroker's powerful solutions.

Streamline Uniconta operations with tailored automation, reducing manual tasks and errors.
Increase ROI
Optimize resource use and drive profitability through efficient Uniconta integration, leveraging data insights for growth.
No Manual Intervention
Ensure seamless Uniconta data exchange without manual handling, ensuring accuracy and saving time.
Enhanced Visibility
Gain real-time visibility into Uniconta processes, track performance metrics, and improve collaboration across teams.
Faster Processing
Accelerate data processing and improve efficiency with automated workflows and real-time communication.
Easier Collaboration
Facilitate easier collaboration with integrated systems, collaborative workspaces, and streamlined processes.


Optimize your business operations with HubBroker's advanced EDI integration for Uniconta ERP. Our seamless solutions automate workflows, ensure compliance, and provide real-time insights, boosting efficiency and scalability. With expert customization and dedicated support, elevate your business performance and streamline data exchange effortlessly. Take the next step towards operational excellence with HubBroker's advanced EDI for Uniconta ERP.

Empower Your Business with Seamless Uniconta Integration

Discover streamlined Uniconta integration solutions with HubBroker. Automate invoicing, import customer orders, and manage reminders effortlessly for enhanced efficiency and collaboration.

Efficiently export customer invoices via Uniconta or our integration platform iPaaS. Your booked customer invoice PDF files seamlessly transfer from your system to ours. Subsequently, our expert resources convert and validate EDI invoices according to your Uniconta customer's specified format. Once files are ready, Uniconta effortlessly exports invoices to your desired location.

Our support extends to PDF format for invoice conversion, ensuring compatibility with your needs. Furthermore, all exported Uniconta customer invoice PDFs and other formats are meticulously tracked, monitored, and securely uploaded to your designated location.


  • Activate all or specific customers for streamlined invoice and credit note delivery
  • Automate export of customer invoices to VANS (EDI), PEPPOL, NemHandel
  • Automatically send booked customer invoices to designated customers/gateways (API, SFTP, FTP, DROPBOX, HTTP, AS2, emails, etc.)
  • Seamless conversion from source format to destination format
  • Customizable configuration settings, including lookup options
  • Define notification preferences (Positive/Negative email or SMS notifications)
  • Real-time, hourly, daily, or weekly scheduling options for invoice delivery

Effortlessly import supplier invoices into Uniconta with HubBroker ApS. We seamlessly receive supplier invoices through electronic exchange methods, converting and validating them according to your suppliers' preferred formats. Our iPaaS integration platform facilitates the electronic import of Uniconta invoices directly into your system.


  • Activate all or specific suppliers for streamlined invoice reception.
  • Automatically import supplier invoices from VANS (EDI).
  • Import invoices automatically from PEPPOL/NemHandel.
  • Effortlessly import supplier invoices from designated customers/gateways (API, SFTP, FTP, DROPBOX, HTTP, AS2, emails, etc.).
  • Convert source formats to destination formats seamlessly.
  • Customizable configuration settings, including lookup options.
  • Define notification preferences (Positive/Negative email or SMS notifications).
  • Send Uniconta supplier invoices in real-time, hourly, daily, or weekly based on your preferred scheduling mechanism.

HubBroker facilitates the seamless import of customer orders from your clients, adhering to their preferred exchange methods and formats. Upon receiving EDI orders, our system transforms and validates the data, allowing HubBroker's Integration Platform (iPaaS) to electronically import order information into your ERP or order management system.


  • Enable all or selected customers to receive sales orders seamlessly.
  • Automate the import of sales orders from VANS (EDI), PEPPOL/Easy Trade.
  • Automatically import sales orders from designated customers/gateways (API, SFTP, FTP, DROPBOX, HTTP, AS2, emails, etc.).
  • Convert sender formats to recipient formats seamlessly.
  • Configure data import settings to suit your specific requirements.
  • Define notification preferences (Positive/Negative email or SMS notifications).
  • Send sales orders in real-time, hourly, daily, or weekly based on your preferred schedule.

HubBroker's Uniconta integration offers automated invoice reminders tailored to your needs, ensuring timely follow-ups on due or unpaid invoices.


  • Enable automatic reminders for all or selected customers based on your configuration preferences.
  • Send confirmations to suppliers (senders) before reminders are dispatched to customers.
  • Automatically generate new invoices for overdue invoices, including late fee charges if applicable.
  • Send electronic reminders to customers via specified destinations seamlessly.
  • Define notification settings, including positive and negative email notifications for app users.
  • Schedule reminders every six hours for efficient follow-up.
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