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EDI Integration Services

Create a seamless workflow

HubBroker provides a comprehensive EDI integration solution tailored for SAP Business One, streamlining sales order and document processing to boost efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. Our robust, cost-effective, and scalable EDI solution is effortless to set up and configure according to your business requirements. By enabling users to meet all EDI requirements of trading partners, we mitigate shipping delays, cut operating expenses, reduce errors, and prevent potential chargebacks linked to manual data entry.
This powerful, cost-effective and highly scalable EDI solution is easy to setup and simple to configure to your business needs. We enable users to meet any trading partner’s EDI requirements, while also reducing shipping delays, operating expenses, errors and potential chargebacks associated with manual data entry.
The result is a stronger bottom line, a shorter order-to-cash cycle and enhanced business agility with no additional staff.

Streamline your operations by automatically receiving and sending electronic orders, invoices, advance shipping notes, and more. Reduce errors through automated business processes.
Increase ROI
Maximize the return on your SAP Business One investment by integrating EDI data to automate order fulfillment, reconciliation, and reporting processes.
No Manual Intervention
Achieve seamless integration across sales, invoicing, production, scheduling, and shipping. Eliminate the need for manual interventions, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.
Enhanced Visibility
Foster true B2B supply chain collaboration with real-time information exchange. Experience faster and more accurate delivery of goods, enhancing overall visibility and control.
Faster Processing
Organizations process invoices 4.3 days faster after using HubBroker's B2BI Solutions
Easier Collaboration
71% of our client's customers say they are easier to do business with after using HubBroker


SAP Business One enterprises can now efficiently implement an EDI program, catering to both customer and supplier needs. This is made possible by combining private network transmissions with a vendor-accessible web portal, offering a cost-effective solution. HubBroker integrates the significant cost savings of a fully hosted EDI model with advanced technological capabilities previously unavailable to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Modernizing B2B integration with EDI compliant automation

HubBroker has developed integration apps for several cloud-based accounting systems, web-shops and other business applications.

HubBroker export booked customer invoices from your system to our integration platform (iPaaS), after which the invoice is converted and validated according to the format your customer requires for the electronic exchange.

All exported invoices can be tracked, monitored, and uploaded.

HubBroker receives supplier invoices according to the desired exchange method from your suppliers and according to the format your suppliers want to use. After receiving the supplier invoices, data is converted and validated, so HubBroker’s integration platform (iPaaS) can import invoice data electronically to your system.

HubBroker receives EDI orders from your customers according to the customer’s preferred exchange method, and according to the format your customers use. After receiving the EDI order, data is converted and validated, so HubBroker Integration Platform (iPaaS) can import order data electronically for your system or order system.

HubBroker collects order data from your web-shops and transforms and validates data to the desired format, so HubBroker Integration Platform (iPaaS) can import order data electronically to your system or order system.

HubBroker loads inventory and product lists from the suppliers or web-shops – so data can be imported electronically to your system.

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