Fuel Your Digital Transformation With Sales Order Automation

Digitalize and automate sales order processing to virtually eliminate manual work and significantly increase operational efficiency in your O2C process.

Sales Order Automation

Automate the entry and processing of sales orders

Inbound sales orders are the lifeblood of every company, but correctly processing them requires a lot of time and attention to detail.
While trading with your customers electronically (EDI) will give you the best results, your organisation will still receive many sales orders via email.  Manually keying orders is error-prone, affecting revenue and customer sentiment.
HubBroker's Sales Order Automation solution is our proprietary technology solution that digitises the sales orders so they can be automatically integrated into your ERP or business system in the same way EDI order is. 
The Sales Order Automation solution is highly configurable to allow AI based automation combined with workflows to manage data and the validation ensuring what you receive electronically will not create issues in your system, and if it will you can be notified in advance.

How HubBroker's Sales Order Automation Works?

Did you know that you can reduce error handling and time spent processing your sales orders without changing systems or software? With HubBroker, you can digitalize and automate sales order processing to virtually eliminate manual work and significantly increase operational efficiency in your O2C process. Here's how it's done in just 5 steps!

Emailed Document
Documents sent via email are auto-detected and processed by HubBroker.
Relevant data is extracted from the document–any format, language or length.
Data fields are identified with 100% accuracy.
Business rules, logic and lookups are applied based on the unique customer/vendor identified.
Data is transformed into an output format for consumption by ERP or other system.
Process orders faster​
Automation technology frees up CSR team members to be more productive while eliminating costly order processing bottlenecks.
Improve key relationships
Whether it’s consistently meeting SLAs or offering self-service tools, HubBroker helps companies strengthen their customers’ trust.

Why automate sales order processing with HubBroker?

Sales order processing is tied to customer experience as well as your company’s O2C success. Any loose ends and the whole thing can unravel. That’s where HubBroker comes in. Our order entry automation solution addresses the most manual areas of order taking through a centralised, cloud-based platform.
We eliminate the pains of manual order processing, giving you AI-powered data capture, touchless processing, and digital workflow capabilities.

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