Simplify Integration between Your ERP System and E-commerce Platform

Pivoting to eCommerce requires rapidly integrating new eCommerce applications with legacy systems. With HubBroker, transition to eCommerce fast using APIs and prebuilt connectors and integration templates.

Modern iPaaS Platform

Create a seamless workflow

Automating all of your eCommerce business processes with HubBroker helps scale your operations as your business grows and enables you to work with less resources in unexpected times of stress. When selecting an integration provider, don’t settle, pick one that will continuously meet the needs of your evolving business.

Automatically receive and send electronic orders, invoices, advance shipping notes etc., reducing errors through automated business process
Increase ROI
Increase return on your eCommerce investment by integrating EDI data to automate order fulfillment, reconciliation, and reporting.
No Manual Intervention
Sales, invoicing, production, scheduling, and shipping data are all fully integrated and reconciled, eliminating any need for manual intervention.
Enhanced Visibility
True B2B supply chain collaboration through real- time information ensuring Faster and more accurate delivery of goods
Faster Processing
Organizations process invoices 4.3 days faster after using HubBroker's B2BI Solutions
Easier Collaboration
71% of our client's customers say they are easier to do business with after using HubBroker


There’s lots to juggle when it comes to the world of eCommerce ERP solutions. Things like new competition (from anywhere in the world), supplier issues, predicting inventory needs, streamlining order processing, efficiently managing customer returns and replacements, rising customer expectations, getting the job done with a remote workforce, and more. You also know there are some key areas to focus on because they are critical for on-going business growth and success.
We help our customers achieve critical business area impact by implementing solutions that provide visibility across the organization, access to business data in one place, and thorough business intelligence and data analytics for informed decision-making.

Start Your Digital Transformation Journey with Integration-Powered Automation

HubBroker provides unique integration solutions to enable the seamless exchange of EDI data between Amazon Marketplace account and business management systems such as ERP or cloud-based accounting systems.

Getting the order right the first time and shipping it out quickly with the quality level a customer expects are critical issues for your business.

Product-based companies enhance profitability by using efficient order management systems that automate internal manual processes, as well as  eCommerce orders received from  storefronts, marketplaces, and EDI trading partners.  

Not only do these capabilities pay off in increased customer satisfaction and retention, but they also impact profitability by preventing the expense of costly returns, restocks, and reshipments.

Automation can be a critical capability for product-focused eCommerce businesses. Eliminating manual data entry is often essential for providing potential eCommerce buyers with accurate pricing, stock levels, and faster shipping timeframes, no matter where they find themselves shopping for your goods.

eCommerce automation also helps you manage an expanding universe of sales channels and the orders that come in. When orders are received from the websites, marketplaces, and storefronts where your products are available, automation increases customer satisfaction and speeds up the payment cycle by eliminating order processing bottlenecks and delays. 

And when Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is required by your customers or vendors, automated EDI processing helps you keep trading partners satisfied and reduce your EDI order processing time and costs so you can experience more benefits from your EDI investment.

In order to meet customer demand and use resources efficiently, eCommerce businesses must understand both the steps that happen outside of their organization and those that happen inside the organization.

Managing the supply chain is vital and it starts with planning: strategic supply chain design planning, strategic sourcing, demand planning, and supply planning.

Product-based businesses can take advantage of technology solutions that use what you know about your supply chain and vendor performance to project when to place orders based on lead times, your internal processing and shipping time, and demand expectations. 

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