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B2B Integration

HubBroker provides scalable B2B integrations solutions that can support the high volume of EDI transactions from the Trading Partner network and integrate data into ERP, CRM, and other business applications.

Our secure & scalable solutions allow easy integration of the most complex business networks, providing you with an efficient way to onboard and manage trading partners while ensuring compliance requirements throughout your business ecosystem.

Reduce Operating Cost

Fastest Document Processing

Boost Data Quality

Improve Customer Service

Quickly Share Data

Fully Automated Transaction

Unified Integration gateway (1) (1)

Unified Integration Gateway

HubBroker’s EDI & API solutions allow integration of data from ERP, Webshops,VANs, and other gateways & business applications, making it possible to centralize, monitor, andoptimize real-time supply chain processes.

Simplified Onboarding of Trading Partners

With HubBroker’s B2B integration solution, onboard new Trading Partners and process transactions faster and with much less effort. HubBroker’s unique Trading Partner management functionality enables you to configure parameters for exchanging messages across partner ecosystems quickly.

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Scalabale Solution (1)

Scalable Solution

HubBroker supports the processing of a large number of EDI messages that allow you to scale your operations without any additional investment in your IT infrastructure as you grow.

Support for All File Formats & Standards

HubBroker supports all major document formats such as XML, & transfer protocols, enabling you to exchange documents in any required standard and over any EDI protocol.

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Scalabale Solution (1)

Visibility & Analytics for Transaction Monitoring

HubBroker’s B2B integration solutions offer the ability to track & monitor incoming and outgoing B2B transactions and send alerts about failures and unexpected events. This capability provides new insights into your B2B operations, enabling you to identify trends, reduce the risk of transaction failures, achieve greater visibility, and identify collaboration opportunities.

Data Validation & Compliance

HubBroker provides advanced data validation capabilities to scrutinize EDI messages for compliance requirements, syntax integrity, trading partner-specific data validation requirements, and validation of data against external code sets. Thus ensuring an error-free exchange of business information.

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Scalabale Solution (1)

Automate Multiple Integration Scenarios

HubBroker’s Integration platform has the ability to support and automate multiple integration scenarios, allowing you to exchange information with the disparate business system and onboard partners with different levels of IT capabilities.

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