Amazon Marketplace Integration and Automation

Amazon Integration's easier with HubBroker's robust Amazon connector, which connects deeply with other business applications and automates processes

Modern iPaaS Platform

Create a seamless workflow

Ensure data integrity and process efficiency to contribute to your business success with custom Amazon integration. HubBroker enables you to quickly establish data connections between your systems and automate repetitive tasks.

Automatically receive and send electronic orders, invoices, advance shipping notes etc., reducing errors through automated business process
Increase ROI
Increase return on your eCommerce investment by integrating EDI data to automate order fulfillment, reconciliation, and reporting.
No Manual Intervention
Sales, invoicing, production, scheduling, and shipping data are all fully integrated and reconciled, eliminating any need for manual intervention.
Enhanced Visibility
True B2B supply chain collaboration through real- time information ensuring Faster and more accurate delivery of goods
Faster Processing
Organizations process invoices 4.3 days faster after using HubBroker's B2BI Solutions
Easier Collaboration
71% of our client's customers say they are easier to do business with after using HubBroker


HubBroker's Amazon integration solutions help you ensure data integrity and automate your processes. The integration enables you to automatically send invoices to customers from your ERP for every order placed on your Ecommerce. The integration also automates most processes related to accounting and invoice processing pertaining to each order. It also gives you options to update the inventory and product details on your ERP and make them reflected on your Ecommerce for sales.

Start Your Digital Transformation Journey with Integration-Powered Automation

HubBroker provides unique integration solutions to enable the seamless exchange of EDI data between Amazon Marketplace account and business management systems such as ERP or cloud-based accounting systems.

Integrate outgoing orders from Amazon Marketplace to HubBroker iPaaS. The received format is then converted to an internal format that allows integration with the HubBroker customer’s ERP system, for automatic loading into the sales order module.

Integrate outgoing documents from HubBroker’s customer are sent to a gateway at HubBroker iPaaS. Then, the received format is converted to an internal format that match the format for Amazon Marketplace for incoming supplier invoice.

HubBroker iPaaS is includes validation, transformation, gateways, automation, and reporting features designed with the user in mind. Seamless integration of data and embedded functionality support all requirements for EDI trading with Amazon Marketplace.

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