EDI Integration to
Accounting System

e-conomic Accounting System

e-conomic Accounting System

EDI to e-conomic document transformation is become easy now with HubBroker ApS. We are partner with e-conomic and we develop integration app with e-conomic, cloud based accounting system. This collaboration makes our clients’ work easy. Our clients can easily send and receive order, einvoice, and other receipts of webshops and other business application. Our experts provide e-conomic support 24×7. Apart from this, in online accounting software, you can store your data securely.

We develop the following functionalities:


Export of Customer Invoices

HubBroker ApS exports booked customer invoices from your system to our e-conomic accounting system. Then after that our experts convert and validate those einvoices into e-conomic CRM according to your customers’ desired format and ready for exchange.

Customers can track, monitor and upload all exported einvoices.

Imports of Supplier Invoices

HubBroker ApS receives supplier invoices according to the desired exchange method from your suppliers and according to the format of your suppliers want to use. After receiving the supplier invoices, data is converted and validated. Therefore, HubBroker ApS integration platform (iPaaS) can import invoice data electronically to your system.

Imports of Customer Orders

HubBroker ApS does EDI Integration to e-conomic and receives EDI orders from your customers according to the customer’s preferred exchange method. Moreover, it also checks the format your customers use. After receiving the EDI order, our system convert and validate data. Therefore, HubBroker ApS iPaaS can import order data electronically for your system or order system.

Automatic Invoice Reminder

Automatic reminder for unpaid invoice.

HubBroker ApS Reminder Invoice App will look into accounting system for overdue invoices and none registered invoices. Based on desired frequencies and logic an reminder invoice mail will send to customer with or without attached original invoice.

Export Batch Invoices

Our integration system processes multiple orders into invoices, after which multiple invoices are booked and can be registered the payment into accounting system

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