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Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

It is a hosted service delivering infrastructure and middleware to manage, develop, and integrate data and applications. HubBroker’s iPaaS is a modern integration solution with a robust framework that provides a secure exchange of data to support modern, sophisticated use cases.

Our iPaaS system is an easy-to-use and powerful integration platform that enhances connectivity by providing access to B2B gateways and data management by enabling data exchange between multiple business applications and data silos.

HubBroker’s iPaaS is an All-in-One business solution with the Flexibility, Scalability, and Integration Capabilities required to deliver trusted, reliable data across your organization.

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Support For Multiple Integration Scenarios

HubBroker’s iPaaS allows you to quickly consolidate a growing number of data sources and support you in developing and launching competitive products &services. iPaaS enables you to efficiently connect hundreds of applications and data sources through streamlined interfaces, pre-configured templates, and prebuilt mapping templates.

Automate Mission-Critical Workflows

HubBroker’s iPaaS manages synchronous, asynchronous, long-running, or short-running system to system business processes. This makes it easier to define and automate sophisticated business processes and integrations to gain a critical competitive advantage.

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Enhanced Data Quality with Validation

HubBroker’s iPaaS includes a robust Data Validator that can be customized as per your requirements. The validator processes each document for the pre-defined information and automatically returns the documents to the vendor if it fails the test.

Ability to Capture Data from Documents

HubBroker’s iPaaS comes with a unique feature for capturing data from data-generated PDF documents. HubBroker has a technology to convert data-generated PDF files to electronic data exchange in formats such as EDIFACT, HUBXML, OIOXML, OIOUBL, EHF, SWEFAK, PEPPOL BIS, and others.

Seamless Data Exchange With Trading Partners (1)

Better Decision Making with Data Analytics

Our iPaaS comes with a well-defined and user-friendly dashboard that provides an overview of all the incoming and outgoing files along with critical information including time stamp, file name, document number, document type, and access to download the file.

Secure Data Access & Visibility

Today, business data is spread across various geographical locations and multiple formats, with new data types emerging regularly. HubBroker’s iPaaS gives you the ability to integrate and gain secure and real-time access to data from anywhere in the world.

Improved Data Access _ Visibility
Seamless Data Exchange With Trading Partners (1)

Seamless Data Exchange With Trading Partners

HubBroker iPaaS accepts information from multiple channels and formats, including VAN Networks and various gateways. This enables you to exchange business documents with your trading partners irrespective of the data’s format and delivery channel.

Scalable Solution that Supports Growth

HubBroker’s iPaaS is a scalable and cost effective solution that accelerates business agility. IPaaS services can be scaled on-demand to support fluctuating workloads without requiring any additional IT infrastructure investment.

Improved Data Access _ Visibility

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