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Supplier Invoice Portal

HubBroker provides a simple and unique Supplier Invoice Portal that can help Suppliers to be compliant with a demand of being digital when invoicing customers. The Supplier Invoice Portal is simple to use. You just need to enter all your requested invoice information’s into the portal and then press send. HubBroker platform will then convert and send the data from the Supplier Invoice Portal into the requested EDI format of the receiving customer.

The Supplier Invoice Portal is perfect for companies only having few invoices to customers that requires EDI invoices.

You need to be registered in order to use the Supplier Invoice Portal. It only takes few minutes – then you are ready to send EDI invoices or credit notes to your Trading Partners. You will receive an email with username and password to be use to check your transactions.


The Supplier Invoice Portal includes:

  • Enter all requested invoice information’s into the Supplier Invoice Portal as requested from your customer
  • Attached file to your invoice in Supplier Invoice Portal that you request to be embedded into the electronic invoice for your customer
  • The Supplier Invoice Portal also support credit notes
  • Get notification into your mailbox of status for each transactions
  • Access to a dashboard where you can track all of your invoices or credit notes
  • Access to a list of Trading Partners where you can find or validate the endpoint ID of your customer

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