Intelligent Document Processing
Reduce Reliance on Error-Prone Manual Work

PDF2XML Intelligent Document Processing Platform

Quickly and accurately extract data from your business documents and Reduce operational costs across business processes

Automate Document Processing Curated For Your Company End-To-End Automation

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Automate Document Processing with Intelligence, Speed, and Scale

Leverage intelligent processing automation to capture and extract complex document data with PDF2XML, an intelligent document processing solution from HubBroker.
Automate text extraction from emails, PDFs and other documents using our powerful IDP and data entry software. Send captured data to your business applications in real-time.

Automate manual data entry in minutes!

Automate text extraction from emails, PDFs and other documents using our powerful data entry software.
Send captured data to your business applications in real-time.

Our human centered approach to automation combines human and artificial intelligence to create better outcomes for companies, customers and the world.

Key product features:

  • Intelligent automatic data recognition, classification, extraction, validation and enrichment

  • Continual process automation with self-learning AI algorithms and analytics

  • Anomalies and exceptions sent for human validation and approval

  • No Code. No-Fuss. No requirement for IT departments and developers to write code, create templates and rules with true Machine Learning

  • Secure document archive for easy access and compliance

  • User-friendly and easy to use application for multi-site and remote working

  • Delivered as a scalable software-as-a-service model

  • Seamless integration with the existing line of business systems

How PDF2XML Works?

PDF2XML helps to automatically process document traffic. We receive documents (invoices, purchase orders, claims,etc.) and automate business processes.


Digital Transformation by Industry

PDF2XML is used every day by hundreds of companies across various industries around the world.

Whatever manufacturing sector you’re in, PDF2XML captures all your data from bills of materials, raw materials specifications, standard operating procedures and master batch records, regardless of formatting, for GMP and compliance requirements and more.


Automatically extract all the data you need from your documentation, even in non-standard formats; invoices, packing lists, airways bills, customs declarations, bills of lading, consignment and delivery notes, manifests, certificates of insurance and more.

Checks, invoices, receipts, credit memos, employee time cards, deposit slips and purchase orders; PDF2XML automatically extracts and sorts all your data even where documents are in non-standard formats.

PDF2XML reads and analyses the data in your documents to improve compliance and fraud prevention, optimise trade finance, streamline account opening, mortgage, loan and credit card applications, while helping you know and serve your customers better.

Cut the time your key people spend processing policies, claims, invoices reports etc. by up to 89%. Mine all your data for insights so you can grow your business, develop new products, reduce risk and serve your customers better.

PDF2XML can be tailored to provide a industry point solution for any business. Choose a single capture platform that lets you offer your clients a superior alternative to in-house automation for multiple business processes such as finance, HR, mailroom, procurement, claims, contracts and more.

PDF2XML understands context so the data in medical reports, prescription forms, contracts, correspondence and more is digitised, organised and can be made instantly accessible through a completely searchable document management system. Automation with PDF2XML helps reduce compliance risk and improve patient experience.

How PDF2XML Enables Companies Improve Competitive Advantage

Capture Documents as Soon as They Arrive
Quickly Identify and Organize Documents
Eliminate Manual Data Entry Into Systems
Faster Processing and Approval
Meet Regulatory Compliance
Optimize Resources and Cut Costs


Reduction in Manual Work


Reduction in Operational Cost


Data Accuracy


Faster Order & Invoice Processing

Automate Data Entry & Improve Customer Experience with Intelligent Document Processing

Extract and structure large volumes of data, fast.

Rapid Setup.
Leverage pre-trained AI models for rapid deployment.
Constant Learning.
Accelerate ROI with a solution that continuously learns from human corrections.
Accurate Extraction.
PDF2XML offers the highest accuracy rates on a flexible Intelligent platform.
Powerful Automation.
Eliminate manual document processing in any workflow.
Greater efficiency, more clarity

Unlock Documents

Get structured data from any document in seconds. Intelligent document processing makes extraction and indexing automatic.

Save time, do more

Automate Workflows

Build custom document processing workflows in a few clicks. Create workflows for any document type, from batch records and safety data sheets, to contracts and letters.

Export it, share it

Seamless Integration

Integrate extracted data into your existing IT environment including your ERP, Accounting and CRM system. Share valuable data with teams quickly and easily.

Process documents in seconds with Zero-touch Intelligent Document Processing.

PDF2XML helps enterprises build "Zero-Touch" document processing workflows. It automates the processing, validation, and filing of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured documents. Save costs, reduce cycle time, turbocharge productivity, and boost team morale.


Manual Invoice Processing costs upto $15 per document. Lower costs by 90%+ by automating invoice classification and data extraction with PDF2XML. Seamlessly integrate with your accounting or ERP system to automate invoice processing at scale.


Variable formats make managing and processing contracts time consuming and exhausting. Automate contract review to lower processing and manual data entry costs.

Purchase Orders

Manual Purchase Order Processing costs upto $510 per order. Lower costs by 92%+ by automating classification and data extraction with PDF2XML. Seamlessly integrate with your accounting, CRM or ERP system for end-to-end automation.

Loan Applications

Process core loan applications and any supporting documents at scale to verify income, expenses, assets, and more. automate classification and data extraction to significantly reduce underwriting costs.

Shipping & Receiving Documents

Processing bill of landing documents is time consuming, tedious and error prone. Decrease processing costs by upto 85%+ while improving accuracy by automating extraction of key bill of lading data including signatures and handwritten notes.

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims processing involves FNOL and other supporting documents. Use AI to dramatically drive down costs by automating classification and data extraction from any claim document.

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PDF2XML digitizes document processing for enterprises from ingestion, classification, extraction, validation to filing. Extract data from a wide gamut of documents with up to 99.5% accuracy using its multi-stage AI engine.
Say goodbye to manual entry, reduce cycle time to seconds, optimize cost by up to 80%, minimize human error, and turbocharge productivity of your team.