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VAN, short for Value Added Network, is a hosted service over which a network of companies exchanges data for collaborative business purposes. It is a business to business (B2B) network of electronic communication that includes a range of ‘value-added’ services. It facilitates communication protocols that differentiate it from the regular communication channels such as the Internet or phone lines.

HubBroker realizes the importance of the VAN network in facilitating a seamless B2B integration. HubBroker has partnered with multiple VAN providers to enable our users to send and receive EDI documents from all VAN networks.

HubBroker facilitates secure, seamless, and automated communication between trading partners along with EDI translation service in multiple formats. Our secure and scalable solutions are not industry-centric and can be scaled to suit the requirements of all types of industries and small, medium, and large-sized companies.

Data Integrity

Improved B2B exchange

Speedy Business Communication

Secure & Reliable Communication Channels

Unrestricted Accessibility

Simpler EDI Compliance

Improved Operations Visibility

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