Data validation

HubBroker Integration Platform (iPaaS) contains an app that can:

  • Data bag your product master data or customer data, and for example, add or remove data parameters to product master data or customer master data.
  • Synchronize product master data or customer master data against a desired database.

Data and synchronization of product or customer data

Maintenance of information in databases is often regarded as a slow and time-consuming job. However, it is essential to save time and money.

With data mask and synchronization of product master data, you easily and easily get a thorough review of your databases.

We data bags and synchronize your product master data against your customers, suppliers, and other business associates.

With current information and a database that has been cleaned for example. duplicates and inactive companies, work becomes more efficient.

Unfortunately, it happens too often that a company has up to 70-80% inaccurate topics in its customer and supplier databases.

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Receipt of electronic invoices with order and price validation

With HubBroker, you can receive 100% electronic invoices easily, securely, and directly in your invoice processing system or ERP, via the HubBroker Integration Platform (iPaaS).

We manage data validation, format conversion, compliance with standards and verification of digital signatures.
And most of all, we help you ensure that your suppliers are quickly and easily activated.

Do you feel that you receive e-invoices that lack important information?

HubBroker has developed a solution that ensures that all supplier invoices have the information that you require.

We automatically send a notification that the invoice has been received but is missing, for example. reference, PO No. or similar, after which we ask the vendor to automatically send a new invoice or direct directly to our Cloud EDI invoice solution.

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