Cross-docking is a gain for both customers and suppliers, as trade is strengthened and streamlined.

Direct delivery from production to a distribution center is relevant to suppliers who wish to deliver the finished products as soon as they are ready for delivery. The purpose is to deliver the products to distribution centers physically located close to the place the customer requests, instead of building a warehouse.

HubBroker ApS offers an EDI Cross-docking solution for small and medium-sized suppliers that makes it easy to establish electronic trade with customers.

Supplier to Salling Group

HubBroker ApS ensures that all format requirements for business requirements are met in relation to Salling Group and that the EDI Gross Docking solution is integrated into your system and / or your warehouse. Read more about the systems HubBroker ApS integrates with:

Until October 1, 2018 we run a promotional price on conversion and exchange of respectively. cross dock orders and cross docks are dispatched to the Salling Group.

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