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Transaction Reports and Analysis

What is a Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is typically in the form of EDI. It is an established method of transferring transaction data. These data are price lists, orders, stock status, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, and credit notes between business partners.

HubBroker’s EDI transformation functionality allows you to meet the format requirements that your trading partners need to define and claim as part of your trade agreement.

Above all, in our pre-defined adapter directory, you will find predefined transformation scripts to support the transformation of input data into output data.

It is also possible through our user-friendly mapping tool to define the data from the input file that you want it transformed to the output format.

HubBrokers – Transaction Reports & Analysis Module enables:

  • Data measurement against a specific target
  • Data analysis being exchanged
  • Pre-defined reports with the desired data
  • Create KPI follow-ups

HubBroker’s Report & Analysis module also includes a KPI functionality, where you define a target, for example the number of order lines or the number of electronic invoices in a given period after which a visual parameter indicates whether the target is settled or not.


Our report and analysis module gives you a full overview of your business data, so you’re guaranteed to get qualitative output while optimizing your business based on information about your transactions.

This report module contains the functionality of getting statistics and reports based on your data transactions.

Below you will find our current analysis features:

  • Receiver ID
  • Sender ID
  • Customer
  • Number of lines in invoices
  • Number of lines in orders
  • Total amount in invoices