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EDI Transaction & Dashboard Notifications

EDI transaction notifications are sent to customers at specific time intervals. These dashboard notifications ensure that our customers have full control over sent and received EDI transactions. Our integration platform gives this premium functionality.

HubBroker’s Dashboard contains features to search for all parameters specified in the transformed file.

This is a unique and useful feature. For example, if you want to see all EDI invoices with a specific item no., then it is possible.

HubBroker’s notification module includes the ability to be notified on the individual steps of the transformation process. From the start of the data and/or files received in our platform until data and/or files leave our operating environment.

In the EDI transaction notification module, standard notification text can be used, or specific notification text is to be specified.

In addition, small shortcuts have been developed that can be enabled in the notification message. It makes communication easier for the user to navigate the HubBroker integration platform (iPaaS).

Transaction & Dashboard Notifications ensures:

  • Full insight into the status of transactions
  • Notification status of transactions sent per mail or per SMS
  • Ability to resend desired transactions

Below are our current supported Dashboard features:

  • Search for document no. and type
  • Direction and Status search option
  • Search for sender ID and name
  • Search for Recipient ID and name
  • Export of files and data from Dashboard
  • Get a real-time view of processed files and data
  • Transmission of file from gateway