HubBroker Integration Platform (iPaaS) enables:

  • Convert EDIFACT, cXML, iDOC, OIOUBL, CSV, XLS files etc.
  • To validate and enrich data formats
  • Converting data via API from different business systems

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HubBroker offers a unique feature to expand your data and/or document exchange with your customers and suppliers.

Each trading partner’s data exchange requirements are different. HubBroker has access to a Network Directory, where it is possible to make a lookup – based on your trading partner’s routing ID – so that trading partners’ requirements and / or capabilities for data exchange can be defined.

HubBroker Network Directory gives you a quick overview of document types and document formats that your trading partners support. This enables us to immediately assist and support activation of EDI setup via the HubBroker integration platform (iPaaS).

Currently, HubBroker supports more than 300,000 known endpoints (recipients) and their desired format and exchange method.

HubBroker is a certified PEPPOL partner. PEPPOL is a common European standard and infrastructure for digital exchange of documents in Europe.

The individual trading partners are registered in a common registry, which document types and formats they support, as well as the access points to which they are affiliated. The documents are then exchanged digitally between these access points in PEPPOL’s infrastructure.

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