EDI Gateway System
PEPPOL E-invoicing
for Document Exchange

Automatic data exchange

EDI Gateway System

EDI gateways are designed to achieve document exchange securely. In order to obtain and deliver business documents – such as PEPPOL e-invoices, orders, notes and the like from a source to a destination, you must have a gateway.

EDI gateway system can be different, and HubBroker ApS supports all types of gateways also called communication protocols.

Which EDI gateways support HubBroker ApS?

Some gateways are predefined, and some must be created specifically according to the exchange set-up.

HubBroker ApS supports all gateways that can send and receive documents, files, invoices or data depending on the gateway’s capabilities.

The technical protocol behind a gateway is typically AS2, sFTP, e-mail, imap, API, web service or database.

Gateways can be combined easily and within minutes.

Below are the EDI gateways that we support by default:

  • VAN
  • NemHandel
  • Other Networks
  • AS2
  • AS3
  • AS4
  • HTTPs
  • FTPs, sFTP
  • Imap, Smtp