PEPPOL : E-invoicing Status Per Country Overview

Automatic data exchange

E-invoice to Global Customers

Do you need to send e-invoices to global customer? Then HubBroker can help you regardless how you create your invoice. HubBroker is a Certified PEPPOL Access Points (APs), why we can exchange (send and receive) e-invoice through Peppol on behalf of our customers.

How does it work?

You provide us with the invoice from whatever format you want and then we convert your invoice format to the format required by the recipient. All invoices are sent via the 100% secure Peppol network.
If you want to check if your trading partner (customer or supplier) is supporting exchange e-invoice via Peppol network, then check here: TRADING PARTNERS

What is Peppol?

Check the description directly at Peppol website – What is PEPPOL?

Country Profile

Check the description directly at Peppol website – PEPPOL Country Profiles

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