Microsoft Dynamics NAV
EDI Integration with
HubBroker ApS –
efficient and scalable

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV
EDI Integration with
HubBroker ApS –
efficient and scalable

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV EDI

Microsoft Dynamics NAV EDI integration with iPaaS system transforms data easily. Our integration platform simplifies your data exchange from and to Microsoft Dynamics NAV API in the U.K. We developed integration apps for several cloud-based accounting systems, web-shops and other business applications.

We provide below functionalities:

Export of Customer Invoice

HubBroker ApS export booked customer invoices from your system to our integration platform (iPaaS), after which the invoice is converted and validated according to the format your customer requires for the electronic exchange.

Clients can track, monitor and upload all exported invoices.

EDI Platform

Imports of Supplier Invoices

We receive supplier invoices according to the desired exchange method from your suppliers and according to the format your suppliers want to use. After receiving the supplier invoices, data is converted and validated. Therefore, our iPaaS can import invoice data electronically to your system.

Import of Web Order

Our iPaaS collects order data from your web-shop and transforms and validates data to the desired format, so our integration platform can import order data electronically to your system or order system.

Imports of Customer Order

We obtain EDI orders from your customers according to the customers’ preferred exchange method, and according to the format your customers use. After receiving the EDI order, data is converted and validated, so HubBroker ApS iPaaS can import order data electronically for your system or order system.

Import of Warehouse Data

HubBroker ApS loads inventory and product lists from the supplier or web-shop – so data can be imported electronically to your system.

Invoice/Order Automation Process

From invoice capture to invoice matching, our automation software seamlessly functions to ensure that your invoicing records are 100% accurate and constantly updated.

  • Receive invoices/orders via email

  • Extract information with 100% accuracy

  • Apply business rules & lookups 

  • Create invoices/orders in your system

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