iPaaS – Integration Platform as a Service


Our iPaaS is an integration platform that is web-based and user-friendly. It enables customers to integrate different sources of information, databases and cloud business solutions within own organization as well as between trading partners and authorities.

Smart iPaaS Solution to streamline your business and increase efficiency.

iPaas – Integration Platform Provides Access to:

  • Real-time document overview
  • Easy integration to new trading partners
  • Reduced costs for EDI and data integration
  • Full control of data exchange

Why HubBroker ApS iPaaS?

  • HubBroker ApS supports access to your trading partners, or relevant authorities. Apart from this, it allows exchange of data and business documents through PEPPOL, NemHandel, Tradeshift, VAN network and other networks.
  • In iPaaS, it is possible to set up flow to exchange EDI documents, or other data, between different sources. Using default setting or setup, within few minutes or few hours, document exchange will be completed.
  • Your company can easily exchange EDI documents via HubBroker without installing and maintaining any software.
  • All HubBroker services are managed on cloud platform. Therefore, you can leave all operation, maintenance and monitoring to our platform.
  • You can focus on your business, knowing that HubBroker’s proactive support monitors your data traffic and immediately corrects any errors – without ever knowing that they had occurred!

More reasons to choose HubBrokers iPaaS:

  • HubBroker’s iPaaS has what it takes to exchange business documents between trading partners, regardless of how data will be delivered and regardless data format develops time to time.
  • iPaaS is the only one in the world, includes a special feature for reading data from data-generated PDF documents. HubBroker has a technology to convert data-generated PDF files to electronic data exchange in formats such as EDIFACT, HUBXML, OIOXML, OIOUBL, EHF, SWEFAKPEPPOL BIS and others. HubBroker supports all formats in Denmark, Nordics and on requests.
  • It includes a validator that is robust and offers customize solutions as per your business need. For example, our validator processes each invoice for information required by your company to ensure that only exact e-invoices are transferred to payment requirements
  • An invoice that does not meet your requirement will be automatically returned to the vendor with a message about the problem. Moreover, a link to the website where the vendor can update the missing information and submit the invoice for validation again.
  • Similarly, it is also possible to specify which information on an order or other business documents that require validation regarding our transformation.
  • It also includes a clear dashboard where all incoming and outgoing files are registered with time stamp, file name, document number, document type and access to download the file.
  • iPaaS contains a report module where users can select one of the predefined reports and / or even create a report based on specific search parameters.

Benefits of Integration

Save Time

Seamlessly integrate with our iPass system and save huge amount of time and effort by automating your business process


We aims to facilitate safe & secure end to end encryption for paperless exchange of business-related information

Increase Profitability

We help our customers gain higher efficiency & profits by ensuring high accuracy of data & reducing data processing time

24/7 Support

We offer support & technical assistance to  our customers to ensure uninterrupted business process

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