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Electronic Data Interchange, EDI Platform 

Electronic Data Interchange makes business processes more efficient. Trading partners trust electronic document exchange. HubBroker ApS has developed an integration platform – iPaaS, which supports EDI and other ways of exchanging data, including PDF2XML. The platform helps external and internal parties to transmit data securely. The integration platform includes pre-defined apps for different business systems and these apps can be found in a catalogue at iPaaS. As a result, it makes it possible to exchange data efficiently and reliably.

e-Commerce Integration
PDF Integration

Why HubBroker ApS? – For Electronic Data Interchange

Our core business is to help companies automate their business processes. HubBroker ApS offers an integration platform that can handle all types of different business documents in different formats. Typically, it is in the form of orders, delivery notes and invoices.

We exchange and transform all types of data and documents. Similarly, we provide services and value to customers all over the Nordic countries, Europe and North America.

Our iPaaS ensure automation and reduction of manual work as well as reduction of a potential source of errors due to no manual process involved in our solution.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We provide efficient, secure and reliable solutions for electronic data exchange and transformation between trading partners. Check out our partner list for EDI solutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We offer a scalable integration platform that can eliminate manual work. Automate all processes between our customers and their trading partners.

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Our Promise

High quality customer service with quick response & manage processes from request to solution. Our customers receive cost-effective & flexible solutions.

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Integration Solutions for B2B and B2G


Integration Platform (iPaaS)

We handles all transactions through our Integration Platform (iPaaS). Through our platform, our Customers have complete control over transactions always.

From our iPaaS, you can choose any predefined app for exchanging documents from or to any of the standard systems on the market. Our most important service is to convert data to the correct format.

Platform ensure that data is automatically loaded to your ERP systems or accounting systems.


HubBroker ApS has developed a unique PDF conversion tools.Most customer used PDF2XML tool for optimizing the order process.
Our solution supports all types of business documents in a PDF format. Based on your existing data, our system generates PDF templates. Then, Our platform convert those to the desired format defined by your trading partners.

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