Eliminate Paper Invoices With Hubbroker E-Invoicing

Eliminate Paper Invoices With Hubbroker E-Invoicing
To thrive in this competitive world, every business wants to maintain continuity. By changing your document exchange strategy, you can achieve this. Now, many organizations are planning to extirpate paper from their business processes so that they can take their growth to the next level. Unfortunately, many companies are still receiving most of their invoices in paper or scanned format. Therefore, organizations are desperately looking for solutions by adopting a comprehensive approach to automating their invoicing processes. By implementing invoice automation software solutions, companies are replacing paper invoices with a safe and secure electronic exchange.

Invoice Digitalization Is Beneficial For All Industries

Hubbroker’s invoice processing software solution encourages the paperless exchange of invoice documents through multifarious channel services including e-mail, EDI, or web applications. This robust and compressive solution streamlines and automates all your accounts payable invoicing processes. By implementing Hubbroker’s accounts payable automation solution, you can effectively exchange all imperative documents with your business partners and clients. This automation software addresses all the challenges of paper invoices and is fully compliant with the latest legal regulations. Hubbroker’s invoice automation solution is designed to validate and convert every invoice automatically irrespective of the size, niche, or technical expertise of your company. This software solution comes with a set of practical and technologically innovative functionalities, such as smart business rules validation or e-Archive, with an electronic signature. Hubbroker’s supplier invoice automation solution simplifies the most intricate B2B and B2G operations. This automation solution guarantees a higher quality of data and minimizes your operational costs.

Hubbroker’s e-invoicing helps you to eliminate paper

Hubbroker e-Invoicing Portal

This is the utmost solution for every organization. This solution allows invoice flows in one integrated suite. The prime aim of this solution is to improve companies’ experience with electronic collaboration for invoicing and payment clearance. This offers an intuitive document search and creates functionalities. You can use this solution as a tracking and KPI reporting tool. If you want to improve cooperation with your partners, then this could be the best solution.

Hubbroker e-archive

By using this tool, users can store and manage all invoices (sent and received) for the legally required retention period. With the help of this tool, you can navigate all day-to-day invoicing operations by sitting anywhere in the world. This is an automatically updated solution, which means you can use it quickly in case of any laws and regulations change. This is an intuitive user management tool that offers you many facilities including instant access to the history of operations, easily readable and printable versions of all documents, etc. Hubbroker’s e-archive enhances productivity, extirpates the risk of violating legal regulations, lessens operational costs and many more.

Hubbroker document capture

This is an easy-to-use mobile application tool for capturing paper invoices and delivering them in a digital format to the receivers. The user needs to take a photo of the invoice and Hubbroker extracts the invoice data using image recognition. The software then produces a structured file that is recognisable by the machine. Because of its simplicity, Hubbroker document capture is an ideal tool for paper elimination and invoice digitization. This tool also minimizes delays or non-deliveries of paper documents.

Online access

Hubbroker invoice processing software is 24/7 available from anywhere in the world, with 99.99% uptime and the highest security standards. Now, with the help of this software, you can access data, manage your business, and coordinate with partners, by sitting anywhere in the world.  This software also offers customized notifications. Now, you can be quickly informed about imperative aspects of your business, including new orders or invoices received.

Accelerated onboarding

By using the self-care tools of Hubbroker, your partners can express their company structure, review, confirm or update any data, confirm the e-invoicing agreement with your company, and construct the way they would like to exchange the invoices (pdf/mail, portal or EDI integration). Moreover, automated tests are conducted to ensure that documents can be properly processed between the partner and the platform.

Global legal compliance

Global organizations need support and process several e-invoicing standards to achieve their goals. But electronic invoicing and VAT compliance are the most challenging processes that many global organizations are facing. Hubbroker’s e-Invoicing offers the right support for new and existing legal regulations. This solution not only ensures the integrity, authenticity of origin, and legibility of the content, but also promises that your sensitive data will be safe and archived for the period determined by regulations. If you want to enhance the efficiency of your business operations by eliminating paper invoices, then you must adopt Hubbroker’s invoice automation software solutions to manage everything digitally. For more details, please visit the official website of Hubbroker.
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