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EDI Integration: Seamless Connectivity for FMCG Industry


Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) markets witnesses dynamic demand that is generated from a range of millions of different products that are bought by consumers daily.

Registering a rapid growth rate of 5.4% CAGR, today’s FMCG market has become an extremely competitive environment. Retailers not only have to focus on increasing their revenue but also on providing an exceptional customer experience. It requires them to create a strategy that focuses on in-store as well as online sales. This, in turn, puts critical pressure on manufacturers & suppliers as well. While maintaining quality, value and consistency of supply, they are also required to match their pace with this rapidly changing industry by incorporating the latest technology in their operations.

To stay competitive in the market, manufacturers & suppliers must maintain the ability to process orders, as well as other business documentation online. This electronic data communication of information like invoices, inventory list, etc., not only helps in making the supply chain management more efficient & cost-effective but also puts them in the position to cater to more retailers locally as well as globally.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows the FMCG companies to maximize the efficiency of their supply chain while maintaining the quick turn-over rate that is critical to this industry.

EDI integration helps businesses save much capital by:

  • Automating ordering system
  • Reducing data processing work
  • Improving business communication
  • Eliminating manual error
  • Automating procurement

Apart from unlocking savings & attaining efficiency, EDI improves the real-time visibility of the business operation, thus aiding in demand forecasting & production planning, which is critical for the success of every FMCG business.

HubBroker’s EDI Solutions

Here at HubBroker, we work closely with our clients to create customized solutions for them that reduce the complexity of their trading process while ensuring efficient use of resources and saving money.

Our unique EDI solutions help in achieving quick & reliable data processing by automation of various supply chain operations, including, invoicing, ordering, order acknowledgement, dispatch information, etc. HubBroker’s any-to-any conversion allows our clients to accept orders online and seamlessly connect with multiple trading partners such as retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, logistics services providers and more.

We manage all the connections and documentation for our clients so that they can focus on their business. We make sure that our clients receive all their documents in pre-decided format/standard that is accepted by their business system such as ERP, CRM, etc. HubBroker also handles the mapping and distribution of trade partners for its clients to ensure seamless connectivity.