Imports of customer orders

HubBroker receives EDI orders from your customers according to the customer’s preferred exchange method, and according to the format your customers use. After receiving the EDI order, data is converted and validated, so HubBroker Integration Platform (iPaaS) can import order data electronically for your system or order system.


  • Activate all or specific customers for receiving Customer Orders.
  • Import Customer Orders automatic from VANS(EDI).
  • Import Customer Orders automatic from PEPPOL/NemHandel.
  • Import Customer Orders automatic from specific Customers/gateways. (API, SFTP, FTP, DROPBOX, HTTP, AS2, e-mails etc.)
  • Source format converted to destination format
  • Multiple configuration settings include lookup options
  • Define notification settings (Positive/Negative email or sms notifications)
  • Send Customer Orders in real time, hourly, daily or weekly based on scheduling mechanism.

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