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Dinero Integration With Webshop

Dinero integration is now become easy with HubBroker ApS. We developed an integration application with several cloud based accounting program such as Dinero. In Denmark, Dinero api integration is easy with webshops and many other business applications.

Dinero accounting program integrates with Magento, Magento 2, WooCommerce, Shopify, Webshop and many other platforms.

EDI Platform

Export of Customer Invoice

Export of customer invoice receives booked customer invoices from organizations’ system to our integration platform. We check invoice and then convert and validate data and format as per desired format. Then after we export customer invoices to your system via electronic exchange. You can control your inventory as all exported invoices can be tracked, monitored, and uploaded.

Automatic Invoice Reminder

Automatic invoice reminder app for unpaid invoices of your customers.

HubBroker ApS Reminder Invoice App will look into Dinero accounting program for overdue and non-registered invoices. Based on desired frequencies and logic, a reminder invoice mail will be sent to customer with or without attached original invoice.

Advantages of Dinero Integration

Inventory Control –

Dinero platform automatically manage and update your inventory. You don’t need to count manually. Dinero integration with Webshop makes your work easy. Whenever any product is sold from your Webshop, Dineor generates a PDF invoice automatically. Periodically, you will get an overview of your inventory.

Payment –

HubBroker ApS provides a functionality to record the payments from the Webshop. You don’t need to review and register the payment manually.


Dinero PDF Invoice –

Organization can set for themselves the placement of order. Whether it will be as draft or invoice in Dinero.

Invoice Management –

Dinero creates invoices at the time of purchase or delivery happens. In that way, you can keep track on type of invoice generation and comply with the order that each invoice must be posted separately.

Save you valuable money and time on shipping physical documents and do Dinero integration with HubBroker ApS.

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