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Billy accounting software is well-known name among Danish companies. Beign an authorized partner on Billy and our experts integrate Billy API with our integration platform. We develop integration applications for so many cloud based companies, webshops or ecommerce sites and other business apps.

Using this Danish accounting software, we develop following functionalities for our customers to make their work easy and smooth.

EDI Platform

Export of Customer Invoice

Our iPaaS system fetch customers’ invoices from our client’s system. We check, convert and validate these invoices as per the format that customers requested. Then we export customers invoices to Billy platform in the form of electronic exchange.

Our all exported invoices are tracked, monitored and uploaded in this Danish accounting software.

Automatic Invoice Reminder

We schedule automatic reminder on unpaid invoices of your customers.

HubBroker ApS reminder invoice app will look into the accounting system for overdue or unpaid invoices. Based to payment deadline and frequency of reminders, our system automatically send reminder to pay unpaid invoices via email. This reminder email send to customers with or without attaching original invoices.

Our iPaaS in integrated well with Billy’s system. Therefore, we pass these invoices to Billy’s system and Billy send invoices to the customers.

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