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Are you a software provider or an IT-solution provider who want to add more value to your solution then HubBroker ApS can an integration platform to help your customers with data integration. Our iPaaS is flexible, cost-effective, and scalable.

Data Integration Support

You will receive assistance in providing offers, implementation and support of EDI.

Data Integration Platform

You obtain your separate integration platform (iPaaS) in a separate operating environment.

Data Integration Network

You can access VANS, PEPPOL and Nemhandel as well as many other networks and network partners.

Are you an IT Partner who implements ERP systems?

Document interchange

We offer the creation of electronic document exchange between trading partners and/or authorities.

Data integration companies

Our experts help to connect you to your customers’ ERP systems.

Data Integration Partners

Our iPaaS system is your flexible integration partner.

You don’t want to use additional resources to develop another solution or custom functionality. As a part of your team, we fulfill your requirements of customer data integration services. We won’t affect your routine core implementation services.

Consider HubBroker ApS as a partner and let’s work together.

We have developed and are continuously improving our data integration platform (iPaaS). We ensure you flexible access of electronic document exchange in the establishment. So, you can be in touch with the trading partners and/or authorities.

Recently, HubBroker ApS has created a comprehensive catalog of integration applications for various ERP systems and business applications that can add value.

In addition, if you are authorized to access NemHandel, PEPPOL, VANS and other networks, then HubBroker ApS can securely access your files and documents directly there.

We believe in a strong and open partnership, where our services can be included in your services as an opportunity for you to differentiate your solutions in the market.


HubBroker ApS ensures efficient and reliable data exchange for B2B and B2G.

Tailored data exchange

We provide economically affordable data exchange and tailored partner services to our customers.

Data Integration Solution

HubBroker ApS ensures that your solution is scalable with your growth.

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