Amazon EDI Integration
with iPaaS Platform
that is Efficient
and Scalable

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Amazon EDI Integration
with iPaaS Platform
that is Efficient
and Scalable

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Integration to Amazon

HubBroker provides unique integration solutions to enable the seamless exchange of EDI data between Amazon Marketplace account and business management systems such as ERP or cloud-based accounting systems.

The integrating to Amazon Marketplace account allows managing critical EDI business data such as orders, invoices, master data of your customers, and inventory.

The HubBroker Amazon Integration App is designed to perform EDI exchanges with Amazon Marketplace. Our iPaaS solution allows you to establish EDI exchange with Amazon Marketplace, without time-consuming and costly setups with a traditional EDI program. With HubBroker iPaaS you can with a few clicks find and setup the app for Amazon Marketplace. The app will ensure that rules for data structure and exchange will be processed according to Amazon Marketplace standard for exchanging business documents.


The solution for Amazon Marketplace supports import / export of the following EDI documents:

  • Sales Order – outgoing orders from Amazon Marketplace to HubBroker iPaaS. The received format is then converted to an internal format that allows integration with the HubBroker customer’s ERP system, for automatic loading into the sales order module.
  • Customer Invoice – outgoing documents from HubBroker’s customer are sent to a gateway at HubBroker iPaaS. Then, the received format is converted to an internal format that match the format for Amazon Marketplace for incoming supplier invoice.
  • HubBroker iPaaS is includes validation, transformation, gateways, automation, and reporting features designed with the user in mind. Seamless integration of data and embedded functionality support all requirements for EDI trading with Amazon Marketplace.

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