Data Security in
HubBroker ApS.
Safe & Secure Data
Transformation Across All
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Data Security in
HubBroker ApS.
Safe & Secure Data
Transformation Across All
Connected Platforms

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Data Security & Safety at HubBroker ApS

Data security, in general, points to the process of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle. Data security includes data encryption, tokenization, and key management practices that protect data across all applications and platforms.

And why Data Security in necessary? Organizations around the globe are investing heavily in information technology (IT) cyber defense capabilities to protect their critical assets. Whether an enterprise needs to protect a brand, intellectual capital, and customer information or provide controls for critical infrastructure, the means for incident detection and response to protecting organizational interests have three common elements: people, processes, and technology.


Data security at HubBroker ApS

Data Safety at HubBroker ApS

Where does HubBroker run?

HubBroker runs as a web application. HubBroker currently runs on our dedicative high-performance application server and database server. Our servers are located in the Europe. We may use other cloud providers that meet our security and availability needs in the future if appropriate.

Our site functions only over SSL, so all communication is secure and encrypted end-to-end. Our public web application runs only on HTTPS.

What sensitive data does HubBroker store?

HubBroker store some of the sensitive data which required to provide our service. We may store API Keys, credentials, OAuth token. We are also storing customer data like customer name, email Ids, VAT number or GLN number or Registration number. (Jens: Please update here any pending)

How does HubBroker store my data?

All of your sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format. We use open-source cryptographic libraries and standard algorithms. By default, HubBroker store data without encryption (store as flat files), we encrypt the data based on customer request.

Does HubBroker have multiple data centers?

Yes. HubBroker is deployed across multiple availability zones in Azure. Each availability zone is an isolated, state-of-the-art, highly-available data center helping to provide the highest degree of availability.

Do you make backups?

We make backups of our database every 4 hours; we have backup policy with server provider who take backup of data on disk every 4 hours.

What data does HubBroker log?

We log every request. Logs are generally used to trace any issue or bug. Logs are used to monitor the performance and uptime of our platform. There is some filtration to ensure that no sensitive data are logged

How does HubBroker protect my data?

HubBroker ApS uses modern web frameworks and follows those frameworks’ best practices for securing access. We monitor for bugs and security patches in all the systems we use and apply updates religiously. In addition, we’ve engaged external security firms to perform penetration tests and source code audits on our systems.

HubBroker ApS uses SSL when a user process documents by uploading, viewing, and downloading. This protects your documents, passwords, and other interactions with us from eavesdropping.

How do I know that my documents stored in HubBroker will always be available? What is the SLA?

HubBroker ApS stores for 5 years. Our Service Level Agreement is 99.9% uptime to ensure that you can access them anywhere, anytime from any devices.
Jens: Please, verify above answer and write about SLA.

What should I do if I find a security problem with HubBroker?

We want to hear from you! We’re grateful for security researchers who practice responsible disclosure. Please contact us at [email protected] with the details of the problem you’ve found. We treat these reports as our highest priority, and we’ll get back to you immediately. And we promise not to seek legal action against those who fully disclose security issues to HubBroker and do not maliciously exploit those vulnerabilities.

Is Customer data available to HubBroker employees?

Due to the architecture of our system, it is technically possible for a HubBroker employee to gain access to your secret data. As a matter of corporate policy, this kind of access is forbidden.

Therefore, we have strong internal controls in place to prevent this unlikely event. We never manually decrypt your data, even when debugging issues with our systems or with third parties. We’ve built a suite of internal tools that allow an operator to perform actions using your secret data without actually logging in to our secure fleet.

A limited set of HubBroker employees have access to the secure fleet and the master encryption keys – this access is only granted to employees for whom it is absolutely necessary. Third-parties or contractors will never gain access to HubBroker’s secure hosts or master keys. All internal access to all HubBroker’s systems (secure or otherwise) is logged and audited.

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